Solid Waste Committee


The Solid Waste Committee assists the selectboard in handling solid waste issues consistent with the town's responsibility for the management and regulation of the storage and collection of solid waste.



Gavin Reid, Chair

James Collins

Mary Collins

Charlie Mabey

John Narowski

Connie Philleo

Claude Phipps




The Newbury Recycling Center is located at 56 Cross Street in Newbury Village.


Saturday  8:00 p.m. - 12:00 p.m.


Attendant - Glen Godfrey.  

                       Charles Mabey

Recycling Guidelines               

Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule and Acceptable Materials List


Newbury is a member of the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District (NEKWMD).

The board of the 49 member town district oversees residential recycling including electronic and hazardous waste and scrap metal and white goods.  For more information visit their website at