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Zoning Administrator


The Zoning Administrator is available to assist applicants with the permitting process, to coordinate Newbury’s development review programs and to provide staff support for the Planning Commission and Development Review Board.

Zoning fees have been revised and the new schedule is here.  

Dennis Marquise, Zoning Administrator

Office Hours - Monday   7:00 am - 11:00 am


Contact:                                                                                          Permits Issued

Phone:                                                                     2024  2023  2022    2021    2020   2019    2018    2017  2016




Development Permit Application

Town Plan


Zoning Bylaws & Subdivision Regulations


Zoning Map

Regional Planning Commission: 



Zoning Statute (24 V.S.A Chapter 117)       


State Permit Specialist:  802-505-5367




Photo by Wayne Richardson

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